IMPORTANT: Nando's has a new spring menu

Sweet mercy.

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There's been a lot in the news recently; tax scandals, the Eurovision final, Donald Trump.

But here's something far more important than all of those things - Nando's is launching a new spring menu.

All of the old faves are still there, but there will also be some new delicious additions.

Introducing the Fino Platter.

Fino platter nando's
Source: Nando's

With sweet potato wedges, Fino coleslaw and chargrilled vegetables available as sides, there's also the amazing-sounding PERi-PERi butter to put on the corn.

There's also a healthy option for everyone. The Supergrain Salad contains stuff like wheat berry, freekah, edamame, cannellini, quinoa, green beans, barley, and kale, and is drizzled with creamy avocado and buttermilk dressing. If you fancy it you can also have some PERi-PERi chicken on top too.

Nando's food
Source: Nando's

Never fear - there are also dessert options; salted caramel brownies (yes) and PERi-PERi brownies (wha?)

Nando's dessert
Source: Nando's

Drinkswise a special Nando's sangria will now be available along with Vinho Spritzers in white, rosé and red.

There's also a sauce called PERi-Pomegranate - a salad dressing AND ice cream sauce. WHAT IS THIS?

The new menu will be launched on May, 17. Anyone fancy joining us?

Feature image: Nando's