How to make your own GIANT Creme Egg

Yeah, that’s right - we only went and did it! Find out how to make your very own GIANT Creme Egg...

How to make your own giant creme egg

Chances are around this time every year you hear someone say ‘why don’t they make Creme Eggs the size of an Easter egg?!’.

Well, not being the sort of website that shies away from a challenge, we headed into the laboratory to try and do what until now we’d only dreamt about - the giant Creme Egg would become a reality.

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Now, there are two ways in which you could make your giant Easter treat - the easy way, and the much less easy way.

Obviously we totally went for the really hard, complicated method. ‘Cause that’s what we do. So that’s where we’ll start.

How to make a Giant Creme Egg - Method 1

OK - this one is rather complicated. Even though we DEFINITELY did it, it’s probably best not to go into too much detail, we wouldn’t want to confuse you.

Basically, you need something called ‘liquid glucose’, a load of sugar, vanilla flavouring and a thermometer. Sounds tough, right? Perhaps move on to Method 2...

You have to put the stuff in a pan, or something, heat it up until it’s - umm, can’t remember the exact temperature, so let’s say really quite hot - and then let it age for 24 hours. It may seem like we didn’t use this method, but we totally did...

How to make a Giant Creme Egg - Method 2

If we’d been lazy, this is what we would have done...

Step 1 - Buy an easter egg, carefully separate the two halves.

Step 2 - Sieve 300-400g of icing sugar into a bowl and add warm water 30ml at a time while mixing the mixture vigorously.

Step 3 - Keep adding water until you’ve got a smooth, yet quite thick icing (think about what the consistency of a real Creme Egg is like). If it’s too thick add more water, if it’s too thin add more sugar. Complicated stuff, right?

Step 4 - Next, take a few small teaspoons of the icing and put it in a separate bowl - add around 10-15 drops of yellow food colouring and mix until it’s a uniform colour.

Step 5 - Take one half of your easter egg and fill it with the white icing until it comes up to just under the edges. Then add a blob (technical term) of the yellow icing to the middle of the egg.

How do you eat yours? With a shovel.

Warning: It's a LITTLE sweet, so we advise that you share the GIANT Creme Egg with at least ten other people so as to avoid developing diabetes.

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