How to make your own booze

The cheapest and easiest way to make your house into a brewery - the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

How to make your own booze

You may remember we showed you how to make your own Nando’s. You seemed to like it. So we started thinking, ‘what else would they like to make at home?’. After days (minutes) of carrying out research, interviewing focus groups and reading the relevant literature we think we’ve cracked it. How to make your own alcohol!

Not only is our method almost laughably easy, it’ll save you a packet too.

Gets into Blue Peter mode To make your homemade booze you will need...

A small funnel (or failing that a good aim)

A clean plastic milk bottle

2 cups of white sugar

1 packet of yeast

1 cup of undiluted squash (concentrate)


A large balloon

Step 1. Using the funnel pour the sugar, yeast and squash in the bottle.

Step 2. Put the lid on the bottle and mix the ingredients around.

* Step 3. *Fill the rest of the milk bottle with water.

Step 4. Put the lid on the bottle (again) and mix the ingredients around (again).

Step 5. Remove the lid and stretch the balloon over the top of the bottle.

Step 6. Store the bottle in a cool, dry place for about three days. The balloon will fill with gas as the alcohol forms - the drink is ready when the balloon deflates.

Step 7. Tentatively taste, being sure not to blame us if it tastes like crap.

We're sure you will - but don't forget to drink safely.

[Image: ReeseCLloyd]