9 lactose-free treats that won't make you want to give up on life

Take the 'ugh' out of 'lactose free'.


Being lactose intolerant is totally logical once you think about it - drinking the juices of another animal? It ain't natural.

Only problem is that everyone's body but yours seems just fine with this, so it's hard to binge on delicious treats without ending up locked in the bathroom for hours.

But what are you expected to do? Go without treats?

Never. Screw the world and its milky way (heh), because you deserve snacks, dammit.

Note: If in doubt, always read the label. You knew that already, though.

  1. 1 Passionfruit sorbet
    passionfruit sorbet
    Source: Taste

    Or any sorbet, in fact.

    It's mega refreshing, and you can make it at home, too.

  2. 2 Ritz crackers
    Source: Ritz

    They may taste of buttery deliciousness, but in fact contain none of the stuff.

    Sweet buttery salvation.

  3. 3 Almond milk cold brew latte
    almond milk drink
    Source: Love & Lemons

    Now you don't have to cave and drink milk if you want to get your iced coffee hit.

  4. 4 Avocado and bean dip
    Avocado and bean dip
    Source: Sugar-free mom

    This takes just five minutes in a blender, and beats supermarket guac any day (which is like 89% cream anyway).

  5. 5 Peanut butter and banana on toast
    banana on toast
    Source: Recipes hubs

    I mean, the ingredients are in the title.

  6. 6 Dark chocolate
    Source: Lee McCoy

    A great deal of dark chocolate is actually lactose free.

    Don't know about you, but we think it's nicer than milk chocolate, anyway.

    Again - read the label if you're not sure.

  7. 7 Oreos
    Source: Brian's Running Adventures

    Believe it or not the white, creamy substance-filled cookies are actually dairy free.

    There's a chance of cross-contamination in the factory, however - so careful if you have a full-on allergy.

  8. 8 Marshmallows
    Source: Pure Fragrance Oils

    Another example of white and squidgy =/= milk.

  9. 9 Apple pie popcorn
    Source: Sweet as a Cookie

    You may have grown up surrounded by butter popcorn, but most ways to flavour it are totally lactose free.