21 yummy one pot dinners for people who don't like doing the dishes

Less cleaning, more eating.

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A good majority of us love food. Some of us like cooking. Approximately 0.01% of us like washing the dishes after stuffing our faces with delicious meals. That's why we decided to put together this collection of amazing, one-pot recipes. Enjoy and bon appétit.

  1. 1 Spanish chicken with beans

    This one-skillet wonder is ready in just under an hour. Packed with spicy chorizo, succulent chicken, and beans, just one serving of this beauty will fill you up after a long day at work.

    Recipe here: Spanish chicken with beans

  2. 2 Hungarian lecsó

    Hungary is a country rich in flavour. Most of its national dishes are also very easy to prepare. The characteristic kick coming from the abundance of paprika will make you fall in love with the cuisine. Lecsó, although traditionally fried on lard or smoked bacon, nowadays has many different vegetarian versions too.

    Recipe here: Hungarian lecsó

  3. 3 Farmhouse fry-up

    Incredibly easy and fast to prepare, this fry-up uses only a few ingredients. Worry not, though - the flavour is not compromised. It's still super delicious! Best part? You can easily add your own products to make this fry-up extra special. Basically, whatever you have left in the fridge can go in. If you prefer, you can use cabbage, kale, or spinach instead of chard. Let your creativity lose.

    Recipe here: Farmhouse fry-up

  4. 4 Thai coconut and veg broth

    Very low on calories and light on the stomach. Plus, it has noodles. Mmmmm.... noodles. You can also add tofu. Double win.

    Recipe here: Thai coconut and veg broth

  5. 5 Fish with black olives and tomatoes

    Five minutes on the hob, a little bit longer in the oven and voilà - dinner ready. Cooking at its best. Simply scrumptious.

    Recipe here: Fish with black olives and tomatoes

  6. 6 Minestrone

    'Minestrone' means 'big soup' in Italian. And you can bet your fanciest ladle that it is indeed grand. Very quick to make and suitable for vegetarians, this delicious soup will fill you up in no time.

    Recipe here: Minestrone

  7. 7 Roast summer vegetables and chickpeas

    Packed with vitamins, this summer stew is probably one of the healthiest dinner options out there. If you're feeling a bit naughty or are simply desperate to include meat in your meal, you can add sausages or chicken pieces.

    Recipe here: Roast summer vegetables & chickpeas

  8. 8 Honey mustard chicken with parsnips

    An easy casserole on a budget. We're pretty sure you'll fall in love with this one.

    Recipe here: Honey mustard chicken with parsnips

  9. 9 Spring chicken paella

    Add a fresh spin to the traditional paella recipe by throwing in some green broad beans, dill, mint, and parsley. Not only delicious, but also very pleasing to the eye.

    Recipe here: Spring chicken paella

  10. 10 Mushroom and potato curry

    In less than half an hour, you can have a spicy, cheap curry ready to eat. Perfect for dinner after a busy day at work.
    Recipe here: Mushroom & potato curry

  11. 11 Chilli con carne

    This classic Mexican dish is way easier to prepare than you might think. You can also add some sour cream and guacamole to make things more exciting.

    Recipe here: Chilli con carne

  12. 12 Broccoli cheese soup

    Don't go easy on the broccoli. Add loads! If you fancy, throw in some leek in there to soften the taste a bit.

    Recipe here: Broccoli cheese soup

  13. 13 Cabbage & beans with hake

    Based on a peasant dish from south-west France, this food creation can be served with any type of meat. However, we do recommend going with fish. Because fish is yummy and good for you. Can't argue with science.

    Recipe here: Cabbage & beans with hake

  14. 14 Brown rice, broccoli, and cheddar pie

    It's very light and delicate. To add a bit more spice to the pie, sprinkle some chilli powder. Sorted.

    Recipe here: Brown rice, broccoli, and cheddar pie

  15. 15 Jambalaya

    Although a bit complicated to make, this Bayou one-pot is perfect for all you seafood lovers out there. Of course, you can substitute seafood with chicken, but you'll only get the full Southern experience if you serve Jambalaya with prawns and different kinds of fish.

    Recipe here: [Jambalaya](http://www.mrfood.com/One-Pots/Mardi-Gras-Jambalaya-2408 )

  16. 16 Feta chicken with zucchini

    You can serve a low-carb version of this, with whole chicken breasts and zucchini slices piled on top. You can also dice everything, add rice to it, and mix it up. Whatever floats your boat, man.

    Recipe here: Feta chicken with zucchini

  17. 17 Spicy corn chowder

    Chowder is a seafood or vegetable stew, often served with milk or cream. It originated in the USA and is usually eaten with saltine crackers. It's also fairly easy to prepare. Give it a go, why don't ya?

    Recipe here: Spicy corn chowder

  18. 18 Beef stroganoff

    Originally from Russia, beef stroganoff is a very fast and easy dish to prepare. Best served with egg noodles. A little bit spicy. Very, very tasty.

    Recipe here: Beef stroganoff

  19. 19 Chard and white beans gnocchi

    We can all agree gnocchi is one of the best things to exist in the history of everything. It's half-pasta, half-potato. You can't go wrong with this. Add some leafy greens, diced tomatoes, beans, and cheese to the pot and you got yourself a wonderful dinner. You're welcome.

    Recipe here: Chard & white beans gnocchi

  20. 20 Shakshuka

    Although often served for breakfast, many have enjoyed this Tunisian dish for lunch or dinner as well. It's basically tomatoes with eggs, but... it's strangely delicious and feels like much, much more than just those two simple ingredients.

    Recipe here: Shakshuka

  21. 21 Lamb Tagine With Couscous

    Although traditionally cooked in a special pot over coals, it also tastes really good when made at home. You can follow Morocco and Algeria and add a sweet spin on by throwing in some prunes, plums, or almonds in there.

    Recipe here: Lamb Tagine With Couscous

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