18 similarities between babies and drunk students

We might not wear nappies but we are prone to taking some naps...

Piss feature.jpg

We've come to notice some striking similarities between the way drunk students and tiny little babies act. It would appear alcohol makes you younger...much younger.

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1. Their urination is unpredictable

2. They LOVE to dance

3. They make GREAT conversationalists

4. Normal tasks are difficult for them

5. They have no hand-eye coordination

6. You can't leave them on their own for 5 minutes or they'll get up to something naughty

7. They have trouble walking while carrying drinks...

8. And sometimes they just give up on walking and crawl

9. They sleep whenever, wherever. They're not fussy.

10. They're really messy eaters

11. They can be very accident prone

12. You can't trust them with a phone

13. They seriously overestimate their abilities

14. They don't take overly great pictures

15. After you've been with them, you should probably check yourself for vomit stains...