17 of the sorriest excuses for McDonald’s that ever existed

Unhappy Meal.

Mcdonalds feature
  1. 1 When the box and the bun become one
  2. 2 Someone out there got a Big Mac with three patties
  3. 3 Half a slice of cheese? Where'd the other half go?
  4. 4 How does that even happen?
  5. 5 Someone's got beef, but not this guy
  6. 6 More like 'not-cho' cheese, eh? EH?!
  7. 7 You want extra tartar sauce? YOU GET EXTRA TARTAR SAUCE
  8. 8 Dang, what even is this?
  9. 9 That's a hole lot of disappointment
  10. 10 "How d'ya like your eggs in the morning?" "I like mine botched"
  11. 11 Hot nothing pie
  12. 12 It tastes good, but looks so sad
  13. 13 'Bottomless burgers' wasn't quite what she imagined
  14. 14 Pretty sure they have diagrams for these things
  15. 15 Tbf, when was the last time you saw a McFlurry that was mixed?
  16. 16 Obviously salad isn't the best part, but some would be nice
  17. 17 "Would you like extra red onion with that?" "Umm... sure"