14 houmous recipes that'll knock the socks right off of yer

Easy, too.


Isn't houmous the best thing? It turns a sad packet of crisps into a full-blown picnic. It gives you a motherload of protein in the most delicious way possible.

Sure, supermarket houmous usually hits the spot - but don't you have greater houmous aspirations?

Making houmous at home is surprisingly easy; you basically throw stuff in a blender, and voila.

So now's the time to shine, houmous fiends of Britain. Try these recipes - every single one.

  1. 1 Houmous
    Source: Inspired Taste

    Alright alright, let's start with the basics.

    If you've never made it from scratch before, here's how to make houmous.

  2. 2 Lemon and garlic houmous
    Source: Good to Know

    This is a good twist on your old regular houmous for beginners.

  3. 3 Avocado houmous
    Avocado houmous
    Source: Cooking Classy

    The two gods of middle-class foods made a baby, and lord does it taste nice.

  4. 4 Peanut butter houmous
    peanut butter houmous
    Source: How Sweet Treats

    It sounds wrong but- actually no, it doesn't sound wrong at all. It sounds like perfection.

  5. 5 Cumin and coriander houmous
    cumin and coriander houmous
    Source: Netmums

    Just a few pinches of taste can make a whole lot of difference.

  6. 6 Roasted red pepper houmous
    Roasted red pepper houmous
    Source: All recipes

    It's bright orange, but do not be afraid. Enter the light.

  7. 7 Green houmous
    green houmous
    Source: Cookie and Kate

    Herby and leafy af.

  8. 8 Roasted carrot houmous
    Source: The Happy Foodie

    Sneaky houmous, you. Trying to make us healthy too now, are you?

  9. 9 Caramelised onion houmous
    Caramelised onion houmous
    Source: No Recipes

    It's like the delicious stuff you put on hotdogs, in houmous.

  10. 10 Black bean houmous
    Black bean houmous
    Source: Simple

    Like the houmous-ified version of the delicious black bean mush you get with Mexican food.

  11. 11 Creamy mustard houmous
    creamy mustard houmous
    Source: Simple Bites

    Say yes to a mustardy punch in the face.

  12. 12 Roasted jalapeño houmous
    Roasted jalapeno houmous
    Source: Minimalist Baker

    Why shouldn't houmous be spicy? Everything should be spicy.

  13. 13 Lemon and artichoke houmous
    Lemon and artichoke houmous
    Source: Savour the Sense Blog

    Well aren't you a fancy pants?

  14. 14 Beetroot houmous
    Beetroot houmous
    Source: Eat Right

    The most aggressive looking of the houmous.