14 facts you never knew about your favourite drinks

Bottle these facts then pour them over a friend.

Drunk feature
  1. 1 Coca-Cola created a colourless form of Coke in 1940s Russia

    They did so because Georgy Zhukov, a Sovet Union marshal, was too embarrassed to be seen drinking Coke rather than vodka, the drink synonymous with Russia. It was also because Coke was perceived to be a sign of American imperialism in communist Russia.

    Coca-Cola called their new drink 'White Coke'. Normally we wouldn't advise consuming white coke, but with this one, you have our permission.

  2. 2 You can turn tequila into diamonds

    Now look, this isn't easy. But it is possible in a lab, with sufficient heat and pressure. (The kind of temperature we're talking about here is about 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit - hotter than Tom Hiddleston.)

    Once heated and solidified, the carbon molecules in tequila can form a layer of nano-diamonds that can be sharpened so that they shine bright (like a diamond).

    “The surprising thing," said Luis Miguel Apátiga, author of the crucial 2008 study, "is that tequila has the adequate proportion of carbon and hydrogen atoms - it’s mixed with enough water when it’s made.”

    Don't try this at home, though, unless you want an ugly and spectacular accident.

  3. 3 The 'angel's share' is the amount of whiskey that evaporates in the barrel

    2% of whiskey disappears this way. Tragic. Those greedy, drunk angel bastards.

  4. 4 Amsterdam pays alcoholics by giving them alcohol

    In return for cleaning the streets, a government-funded organisation in Amsterdam gives local alcoholics five beers, 10 Euros, and half a packet of tobacco.

  5. 5 About 95% of Britain's blackcurrants are bought by GlaxoSmithKline for Ribena

    Do you want to know how many blackcurrants GlaxoSmithKline use to make Ribena every year?

    Not gonna tell you.

    All right, it's 13 BILLION. That's more than I could eat for pudding.

  6. 6 A bottle of champagne contains approximately 49 million bubbles

    That's as many pounds as Manchester City just paid for Raheem Sterling from Liverpool. Incredible.

  7. 7 Doctors once recommended tequila as a flu remedy

    In 1918, Mexico was hit by a flu epidemic. Doctors ordered their patients to drink tequila, lemon, and salt, in a bid to cure the sickness.

    There are plenty of people who still believe this cure solves your flu problem. If by 'solves your flu problem' you mean 'gets you so drunk you don't notice your flu problem', then yes, these people are correct.

  8. 8 In 1814, 3,500 barrels of beer ruptured and caused a tidal wave

    This was in London, and the beer destroyed two houses and killed nine people.

    A barrel of beer normally contains 136 litres of liquid; this means that approximately 476,000 litres of beer were coursing through the neighbourhood.

  9. 9 You're not supposed to sniff the cork of a wine bottle
    Source: Informing Ape

    A wine expert will tell you that you don't sniff a cork to see how good a wine is.

    No no no no, Margaret. You examine it visually to check whether or not it's in one piece; and whether it's fragmented or mouldy. Sniffing it isn't the done thing, darling.

  10. 10 You can kill slugs and snails using Coke

    If they're causing you trouble, you can choose to use Coca-Cola to eliminate your slithery wet friends. It kills slugs and snails as well.

  11. 11 To be called tequila, it has to be from Mexico

    Tequila has something called Protected Designation of Origin. Champagne has it too; in champagne's case, it means that you cannot call a drink champagne if it wasn't made in the Champagne region of France. In the case of tequila, it needs to have been made in Mexico.

    If someone from Bradford says he's cooked up some mean tequila in his shed, don't drink it, it won't be the real deal. Also, don't drink it anyway - this guy sounds like a loon.

  12. 12 Marilyn Monroe had a bath in 350 bottles' worth of champagne

    350 bottles is 262.5 litres, mate. It's a lot of champagne, in case you didn't realise.

    The tale comes from Monroe's biographer but seems to be little more than a widely spread rumour; there is, alas, no photographic evidence to confirm the extravagant claim. Like many tales, people choose to believe this one. We hope it's true.

  13. 13 The majority of bartenders disagree with James Bond about Martinis

    James Bond famously asks for his Martinis "shaken...not stirred". Bartenders believe that a shaken Martini will produce a worse quality gin (or vodka) than a stirred one, as shaking it causes the drink to dilute too much.

  14. 14 'Whisky' is Scottish whiskey. 'Whiskey' is whiskey everywhere else in the world

    No one really knows why, to be honest. It is baffling. Some other countries, including Canada and Japan, seem to have followed Scotland's example and dropped their 'e'. But who knows what's going on. Chaos.