13 people who took Nutella too far

That time you ate an entire jar with a spoon is the least of our worries.

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Nutella + spoon = Catch-all cure for your overdue council tax bill/bullying boss/realisation that we live in a cruel and indifferent universe.

Nutella + Fish fingers = Untold horror, obviously.

If you're brave enough, check out these heinous crimes against our favourite chocolate and hazelnut spread.

  1. 1 Milk just wasn't good enough for these people
  2. 2 LIKE, for the love of god
  3. 3 U ok hun?
  4. 4 Come on, don't drag poor Louis into this...
  5. 5 Us and pizza had a good thing... Why would you jeopardise that?
  6. 6 Actually, we could be converted by the first course to dessert ratio here
  7. 7 *Splutters in indignation*
  8. 8 If possible, worse than the Doritos
  9. 9 Green stuff...?
  10. 10 Imagine if your Tinder date produced one of these
  11. 11 And we thought we were unshockable at this point
  12. 12 Bring us ketchup or bring us death
  13. 13 How indeed

    Feature image: Twitter/ @TheCrazyHermit