11 gluten-free treats that won't make you want to give up on life

Back to the wheaty hell from whence you came.


Being a gluten-free creature in this wheaty, grainy world isn't easy.

It's as if society went to great lengths to sneak the proteins into every enjoyable food, just to piss you off.

Never fear, coeliac friends - here are a few ideas for when you want to join the party of deliciousness.

  1. 1 Gluten and dairy-free chocolate pudding
    Gluten and dairy-free chocolate pudding
    Source: Good to Know

    I mean... just look at it.

  2. 2 Roasted tofu with dipping sauce
    Source: Gluten Free Girl

    Banish any bad memories of poorly-cooked tofu from your mind - this is just... yes.

  3. 3 Gluten-free mac 'n cheese
    mac n cheese
    Source: Gluten Free Goddess

    Surely mac 'n cheese is but a dream, a fantasy?

    NO SIR.

  4. 4 Pizza-flavoured popcorn
    Pizza-flavoured popcorn
    Source: She Knows

    Some snack god has combined our two favourite things.

  5. 5 Gluten-free pancakes
    pancake stack
    Source: Minimalist Baker

    If you can't find gluten-free flour anywhere, here are the few unusual ingredients you can make it out of instead.

  6. 6 Gluten-free orange chocolate chunk cookies
    gluten free orange chocolate cookies
    Source: Kitchen Operas

    Gluten-free flour is a magical thing. So are cookies.

  7. 7 Flourless maple cashew cookies
    Flourless maple cashew cookies
    Source: Kitchen Operas

    If you don't have access to gluten-free flour, here are tasty-as cookies you can make without.

  8. 8 Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary
    Source: Chippa Worcester Sauce

    So - vodka and Worcester sauce usually contain gluten. But there are ways around this.

    And those are called potato vodka and gluten-free Worcester sauce. Yep, they exist, and they're actually way more readily available than you might think.

  9. 9 Crispy roasted chickpeas
    roasted chickpeas
    Source: The Kitchn

    Screw houmous - this is what it's all about.

  10. 10 Chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie bowl
    Chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie bowl
    Source: Paleo Crumbs

    You just want to inhale it, flowers and all, don't you?

  11. 11 Coffee-nut Nutella meringue stacks
    Source: Wuthering Bites

    Just as good as it sounds. Looks darn fancy, too.