11 Disney-themed cocktails you definitely need to try this summer

Our adult obsession with Disney seems to be missing one key ingredient - alcohol.

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We all grew up watching Disney films. Some of us can't let go of our childhood days and are still Disney super-fans to this day.

But as we got older, the cotton candy sweet world of fairytales seems to be missing one key ingredient to accommodate our adult tastes - alcohol.

  1. 1 Down the Rabbit Hole
    Source: Molecularrecipes.com

    This 2014 Cocktail of the Year nominee is absolutely spectacular - it changes colour as you pour it into the glass!

    Go down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland and find out how to make this cocktail at home.

  2. 2 Sleeping Beauty
    Source: Tipsy Bartender

    Get lost in the sweetness of this pastel drink while you day-dream of your Prince Charming.

    Watch how to make this Sleeping Beauty cocktail here.

  3. 3 Jack Skellington
    Source: facetsmag.tumblr.com

    With a flavour mix of chocolate and peppermint, the only thing you’ll be scared of is running out of schnapps.

    Find out how to made this Nightmare Before Christmas-inspire drink.

  4. 4 Elsa
    Source: tipsybartender.tumblr.com

    If the cold doesn't bother you anyway, this delicious ice-based coconut drink is just for you.

    Find out how to make this Frozen-inspired cocktail.

  5. 5 The Lost Boy
    Source: Cocktails by Cody

    This one's definitely for those of us who are not ready to grow up just yet.

    Learn how to make this Peter Pan drink.

  6. 6 Micky Mouse
    Source: Tipsy Bartender

    Go full classic Disney with this Oreo-full sweet delight.

    Get the recipe for the Micky Mouse cocktail.

  7. 7 Oh, Bother
    Source: lexibites.com / Marc Tessler

    Just like the lovable Winnie The Pooh bear, this cocktail is easy-going, thoughtful, and sweet.

    Learn how to make the perfect Winnie The Pooh cocktail.

  8. 8 Hairy Baby
    Source: dearestgeeksofearth.com

    This interesting spin on a classic White Russian will most definitely make you go Bah-a-la-la-la.

    Read the recipe for this Big Hero 6-inspired cocktail here.

  9. 9 Princess Leia
    Source: thatsnerdalicious.com

    Come to the dark side. We have strawberries.

    Learn how to make your own Star Wars Princess Leia cocktail.

  10. 10 Cinderella Blue Punch
    Source: thefrugalmom.net

    This recipe is technically non-alcoholic, but tbh nobody will stop us from adding some vodka to it

    Find out how to prepare Cinderella's Blue Punch.

  11. 11 Snow White
    Source: thefloatingrumshack.com

    When your head is spinning from looking after your seven dwarfs, relax in a comfy chair with a glass of this delicious, Bacardi-based drink.

    Find out how to make your own Snow White here.