Your exam season, as told by Ryan Gosling

Help me, Ryan. Help me.

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  1. 1 When you see your exam timetable:
  2. 2 When your flatmate orders revision pizza:
  3. 3 When your parents are about to leave, meaning you have to start revising again:
  4. 4 When someone asks if you think you've done enough work:
  5. 5 When your friend finds you after you've been in the library for eight hours straight:
  6. 6 When someone farts in the exam:
  7. 7 When you see a question that you'd really hoped would come up:
  8. 8 When someone gets up to leave the exam 45 minutes early:
  9. 9 When you notice you completely forgot to answer one of the questions:
  10. 10 When you realise you've still got six exams to go:
  11. 11 When someone says they actually like doing exams:
  12. 12 When you leave an exam and realise there are hardly any left:
  13. 13 When you've been up all night revising for your last exam:
  14. 14 When people ask you how you're doing:
  15. 15 When you're so tired you just start talking shit:
  16. 16 When your friend says they've finished, but you haven't:
  17. 17 When it's all finally, once and for all, totally over:
  18. 18 When you go out dancing to celebrate :
  19. 19 This one has nothing to do with exams. But you deserve it: