We asked Tinder whether we should stay in the EU

It's actually a really good way of sussing out your matches.

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On June 23rd we get the chance to vote on whether we stay in the EU. Not been keeping up with the news lately? Can't be arsed to trawl through Wikipedia? Why not illicit opinions from a bunch of strangers who want to shag you?

That's what we did, and we learnt a surprising amount. Namely that no one wants to marry David Cameron, and that North London is full of people who'd quite like to stay in the EU. Read on for more startling revelations.

Not everyone was keen to play the game.

Others had clearly been waiting their entire lives for a stranger to ask their opinion on the EU.

Some saw an opportunity.

Most people who actually took us seriously wanted to stay in the EU.

But a minority were all about Brexit.

What we really wanted to know was...

Look we made actual charts!

Source: Infogram
Source: Infogram

Make of that what you will.

If you actually want to know anything actually useful about the EU referendum, you can check out this handy guide we put together.