MIA releases free track in tribute to Winehouse

MpFree of the day: MIA digs out an old demo with oddly prophetic lyrics about the death of Amy Winehouse.

Mia releases free track in tribute to winehouse

What: An old MIA demo released as a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Genre: Alternative, hip hop

Sounds a bit like : She only ever sounds like MIA, funnily enough.

Mood: Sombre, though largely due to the lyrics.

Listen to when : As a tribute to Amy.

Always controversial in life, Any Winehouse’s death has been met with almost universal grief - proving that at the end of the day it’ll be her talent that is remembered. As her own tribute, MIA has released this unfinished demo. Called simply ‘27’, it was written to honour the many musical icons (as well as friends of MIA) who have died at the age - just as Amy Winehouse now has.

Listen: MIA - 27

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