JK Rowling designed a tattoo for a fan battling with depression

We've all thought about what our Patronus would look like.


It has been speculated that the Dementors - the magical creatures who 'drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them' are a metaphor for depression.

So it seems fitting that one Harry Potter fan, who has been battling depression and self-harm, decided to get a tattoo of the charm Expecto Patronus, which is said to conjure light and positive feelings.

Kate, or @AlwaysJLover as she is called on Twitter, wanted the words to cover the wrist she cut the most. And what she wanted most for her tattoo was to have it in JK Rowling's own handwriting.

So she reached out the author.

She wrote: "I know you won't judge, that's why I'm telling you this."

"Another reason why I'm telling you this is bc, through all the downs in my life, u helped me get through every single thing one way or another!"

Rowling, who is often generous to her fans and keeps them in her magical loop was happy to help, responding within a few minutes.

Rowling said: "I love that you're working to heal and protect yourself. You deserve this. I hope it helps."

Fans of the magical world showed their support too.


Feature Image: Wikimedia