5 things worth watching on Netflix this weekend

Focus on watching, not browsing.

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It's always the same story - you want to watch something, but can't decide what. Don't worry - that's where we come in.

Every Friday we recommend five titles for you to watch on Netflix. Because we're nice like that. Because we care.

  1. 1 Oranges

    Category: Rom-com

    Who? Hugh Laurie, Ellen Page, Adam Brody

    When newly unattached Nina Ostroff comes home from Thanksgiving dinner, her parents make plans to pair her up with their neighbour's successful son, Toby. But then Nina locks eyes with Toby's father...

    An interesting insight into the unspoken 'rules' of what is and what isn't acceptable when falling for someone. The careful exploration of relationships gives this film a very personal feel.

    Plus, it's so funny to see Laurie play someone other than Dr. Gregory House.

  2. 2 Rear Window

    Category: Cult, Thriller

    Who? James Stewart, Grace Kelly

    As his broken leg heals, a man becomes absorbed with life outside his window and soon fixates on a mysterious neighbour who might have committed murder.

    Arguably Hitchcock's greatest suspense film, this classic never gets old. With the superb acting by Stewart and Kelly, the characters are highly quotable and memorable. If you still haven't seen it, now's your chance.

  3. 3 Happy-Go-Lucky

    Category: Comedy

    Who? Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan

    When a chirpy schoolteacher takes up driving, she's paired with a sour instructor who's both attracted to and repelled by her.

    Another wonderful piece of snap-shot cinema from Mark Leigh. A subtle, well-crafted film that escapes comedy clichés. It starts a bit slow, but it's well worth sticking with it till the very end.

  4. 4 Conversation With Other Women

    Category: Drama, Comedy

    Who? Helena Bonham Carter, Aaron Eckhart, Olivia Wilde

    Sparks fly at a wedding reception when a man and a woman with an ambiguous connection are reunited.

    The split screen engages you in the story more than a single-frame film would usually do. Dialogues are witty, and most importantly not boring, despite the movie being very conversation-heavy.

    Easily the best HBC film to date.

  5. 5 Anastasia

    Category: Animated, Musical

    Who? Meg Ryan, John Cusack

    Anya grows up in a orphanage and has no idea that she's really Anastasia, the long-lost daughter of Russia's last czar.

    Take a trip down memory lane with this one. Now that you're a bit older, you'll also be able to appreciate the brilliant character design and mise-en-scène that you missed as a child.

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