5 things worth watching on Netflix this weekend

Focus on watching, not browsing.

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It's the same story over and over again - you really want to watch something, but you can't decide what, so you end up wasting time just browsing through Netflix. What a nightmare.

Luckily, every week we recommend five titles we love for you to watch this weekend. Because we like you. Because we're nice like that. x

  1. 1 Winter's Bone

    Category: Drama

    In this unflinching noir drama, a resilient teen goes on the trail of her missing, drug-dealing father when his absence threatens the family's safety.

    We're going to be honest here - this is probably the only Jennifer Lawrence film worth watching. Screw The Hunger Games.

    Based on a book of the same title, this movie is a touching portrayal of a young woman doing her best to survive.

    It's also a nice relief to see Hollywood focusing on the midwestern part of the United States - an often omitted, but extremely interesting and socially complicated area.

  2. 2 My Afternoons with Margueritte

    Category: Comedy, Foreign

    A handyman named Germaine befriends 95-year-old Margueritte and finds himself bewildered by the literature that gives Margueritte such pleasure.

    Gerard Depardieu, in what must be his 6,000th film by now, surprisingly still feels very fresh as an actor. In the style of Jean de Florette, this simple tale takes you on a journey that will warm your soul on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  3. 3 Girl Rising

    Category: Documentary

    Nine filmmakers each profile a young girl from a different part of the world and highlight the challenges they are facing.

    This is the ultimate 'girl power' documentary. It will educate and inspire you. We can assure you the stories will resonate with you for ages afterwards.

  4. 4 Hysteria

    Category: Rom-com

    In 1800s London, a forward-thinking young doctor concocts an electrifying solution to the rampant hysteria among England's sexually repressed women.

    Fun fact: In Victorian times, doctors saw depression, boredom, and frustration in women as signs of a disease called hysteria. Luckily, a pioneering doctor came up with a wonderful cure - massaging the women to orgasm.

    This film is an extremely funny take on a true story of the repressed Victorian libido. But worry not, it's not a raunchy picture. It's just straight-forward, laugh-out-loud comedy.

  5. 5 Bhoothnath Returns

    Category: Sci-fi, Bollywood, Comedy

    Returning to the material place, affable ghost Bhoothnath befriends a street urchin who helps him spook a crooked politician.

    This movie is not your usual Bollywood musical. It is over the top goofy and very entertaining, but at the same time it touches upon very important social issues. Those of you who like a little bit of action won't be disappointed with this film either.

    The first 20 minutes is a bit slow, but then... then it gets REALLY good!

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