38 things we all learned from The OC

Welcome to The OC, bitch.

The oc cast.png

We all used to love The OC. We fancied Ryan Atwood and adored Seth Cohen, we could never decide who was hotter between Marissa and Summer, we laughed uproariously at Julie Cooper's sarcastic barbs and Sandy Cohen's amiable wit. We secretly thought Kirsten was a bit of a MILF.

Not to mention how we drooled over the prime real estate, wished we lived near to the beach, and got extremely jealous whenever every good band ever played a gig at The Bait Shop.

Here are all the things we learned, thanks to Orange County, California, and Mr. Josh Schwartz.

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1. All the lyrics to this song

? enter link description here

2. Go off the rails, steal a car --> end up living in amazing house

3. Awful chat up lines can work

4. If you love somebody, jump up on a counter and declare your feelings

5. Because it will probably be pretty obvious already

6. Never date someone you meet in therapy, it will only end badly

7. And never go into business with someone you met in rehab, either

8. It's normal to feel like this sometimes...

9. And this...

10. Never play with fire

11. Nature can be a bitch

12. State school is like prison. Only a bit worse

13. Take it easy in Tijuana

14. Gun control is A GOOD THING

? enter link description here

15. People can change

16. Parents are really embarrassing

17. But also awesome

18. Step-parents are just odd

19. Siblings are annoying

20. Some people have REALLY white teeth

21. If you sail off into the sunset, your problems will still be there upon your return. Soz

22. Sex is awkward

23. How to come out to your parents...

? enter link description here

24. ...and how to come out to your friends

? enter link description here

25. If you're feeling a little angsty, TAKE UP CAGE FIGHTING

26. It's important to know what you want in a partner

27. Bad guys are always the hottest...

28. ...ALWAYS

29. Except for this one, who is a douchebag

30. Quirky girls are cute

31. But flat caps are NEVER a good look

32. Kissing is the best

33. Social media is important

34. Going to see your favourite band is great

35. Multiculturalism is a beautiful thing

36. Hanging out in a department store overnight would be SO much fun

? enter link description here

37. Uni will change you

38. And lastly, always wear a seatbelt