27 times The Simpsons was your actual life

Purple is a fruit.


When we think of the greatest TV shows of all time, we think of The Sopranos, The West Wing, The Wire - basically a lot of shows beginning with 'The'. But there's only one 'The' that has endured, and that's The Simpsons.

So the newer series are, how do you say, a huge bucket of crap, but the classics are still as funny today as they were then. Probably more so. The reason why? At its best,The Simpsons was based on our everyday lives. It was relatable, and The Simpsons were us.

Don't believe us? See if you can get through all 27 of these classic moments without going, "Yep. That's me, right there", because you definitely won't be able to.

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  1. 1 When your boss tells you something extremely important that needs to be sorted immediately
  2. 2 When you're getting ready for a night out
  3. 3 When you suddenly realise that you're no longer the next generation
  4. 4 When someone asks about your plans
  5. 5 When you understand the meaning of true love
  6. 6 When it's only half way through the week
  7. 7 When anyone tries to talk to you about ambition
  8. 8 When you're reminded of the existence of people
  9. 9 When someone tells you off for having a pop at something
  10. 10 When you realise it's all because of the patriarchy
  11. 11 When you realise it's all because of the patriarchy
  12. 12 When you try to start eating healthily
  13. 13 When you give up on eating healthily and head to the pizza buffet
  14. 15 When you and the family do absolutely anything in public together
  15. 16 When you get caught bang to rights, but it really wasn't that bad
  16. 17 When times are tough on the ol' pocket
  17. 18 When you think about the future for even just a second
  18. 19 When you choose to go to university and voluntarily continue your education at a massive financial cost
  19. 20 When the remote's just out of reach
  20. 21 When you bust an absolute zinger and no one hears it
  21. 22 When you're so sarcastic that the lines start to blur
  22. 24 When young people display any kind of hope or optimism
  23. 25 When summer rolls around and suddenly you remember
  24. 26 When there's no escaping who you truly are
  25. 27 When it all makes sense at last