23 inanimate objects that clearly have faces in them

Is that box looking at me?

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Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where "the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists." We know what you're thinking: "Shit, science? At this hour? I was not ready for that."

This is the thing happening in your brain when you think you spot an animal in a cloud formation, or a face in an inanimate object. Well, it just so happens that Faces in Things exists to document part of this phenomenon.

Faces in Things is a Twitter account that collects pics of various inanimate objects that, through sheer luck, look as though they have human features and expressions.

You know what? It's pointless trying to explain these things, let's just let the pictures do the talking.

  1. 1 I knew we shouldn't have ordered from EvilBoxOrg
  2. 2 If you'd seen as many butt cracks as we have, you'd be a little shaken up too

    Incidentally, the proper name for butt crack is 'intergluteal cleft'. So now you know.

  3. 3 Just checkin' in!
  5. 5 Oh god, it's another tree!
  6. 6 Got that warm fuzzy feeling inside
  7. 7 A visitor? We don't get many visitors round these parts
  8. 8 Pretty good, kid. Pretty good
  9. 9 Cake is the only true happiness
  10. 10 Simbaaaaa
  11. 11 I came here to PAAARTAAAYYY
  12. 12 Cut down... in my... prime
  13. 13 Oh god, oh man, oh god
  14. 14 Omnomnomnomnom
  15. 15 Ahahaha, now you got water everywhere!
  16. 16 Please... no more Nickleback
  17. 17 We don't like strangers. You a stranger, buddy?
  18. 18 The lesser-known Sesame Street character 'Glasses Monster'
  19. 19 Stay away from exercise, kids
  21. 21 I just LOVE being a house
  22. 22 You know what shovels do to bags like us in the garden?
  23. 23 This ice cream will be the death of me