23 famous actors you never knew were in your fave childhood films

They were there the whole time.


When we watch even a short clip of one of our favourite childhood cartoons, we all get that same rush of nostalgia. Such familiar faces, colours, and voices.

And when it comes to the voices, some may be even more familiar than you originally thought.

  1. 1 The Road to El Dorado

    What a magical film this was. The adventure, the songs, the lines we'd still be quoting to our friends 16 years later.

    And our absolute fave man in the film, Miguel, was voiced by Kenneth Branagh. Who woulda guessed it?

  2. 2 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Oh Milo. Milo Milo Milo. You punched way above your league, but somehow got the girl. As happens weirdly often in these films.

    Anyway, Milo was actually Michael J. Fox. Michael J Fox! What a world we live in.

  3. 3 Fern Gully

    Remember Hexxus, the sinister evil oil blob in Fern Gully?

    Voiced by none other than Tim Curry. If anyone could play an evil, oozing mass of darkness, he'd be the one to pull it off.

  4. 4 The Pagemaster

    The Pagemaster introduced three talking books into our lives; Horror, Fantasy and Adventure.

    Whoopi Goldberg graced us with her voice as Fantasy, and Patrick Stewart as Adventure.

    Source: 20th Century Fox

    That's them right there.

  5. 5 The Prince of Egypt

    The Prince of Egypt was an absolute staple, especially if you were raised a good little christian.

    Far from an obscure bible story cartoon, however, Ramses was voiced by Ralph Fiennes, who you might recognise the most as Voldemort in the Harry Potter films.

    And Miriam? Sandra Bullock - she appears at 1:09 here:

  6. 6 Anastasia

    Anastasia, one of those kind-of-disturbing but highly re-watchable childhood films, is packed with big names.

    Young Anastasia is voiced by Kirsten Dunst, while Meg Ryan plays older Anastasia.

    Christopher Lloyd is the bloody-terrifying Rasputin, too. I don't know if we can ever look at Christopher in the same way again.


  7. 7 James and the Giant Peach

    You may remember Joanna Lumley as Aunt Spiker, but others snuck into the animation too - because unlike Joanna, they weren't showing their faces.

    David Thewlis, aka Lupin in Harry Potter, played Earthworm.

    Source: Disney

    And Spider? Susan Sarandon.

  8. 8 The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant taught us some early life lessons. One being that if you make a new friend, the government might try to destroy them.

    Jennifer Aniston voiced Annie Hughes and Vin Diesel the iron giant himself.

    Fitting, no?

  9. 9 Antz

    Oh, Antz. It couldn't beat the popularity of A Bug's Life, even though it was better, and had a funky 'z' at the end.

    Z, the main ant, was voiced by Woody Allen himself, his big buddy Chip by Dan Aykroyd, Barbatus by Danny Glover, Azteca by J-Lo, Weaver by Sylvester Stallone...


    ...Princess Bala by Sharon Stone, Colonel Cutter by Christopher Walken and Grebs by John Mahoney.


    Feature image: Riordan King, Warner Bros