19 sounds that will probably bring tears to every '90s kid's eyes

Remember Crazy Frog?

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Everyone born in the '90s looks back at their childhood with lots of sentiment. What a decade it was! Pogs, Polly Pockets, light-up sneakers.

Here's your next fix of '90s nostalgia for you. Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy.

  1. 1 The MSN Messenger sounds

    Oh, the memories of setting that perfect 'away' status!

  2. 2 The catchy Teletubbies jingle

    If you focus hard enough, you can notice that Dispy dances a lot like Drake in Hotline Bling.

  3. 3 The Super Mario Bros. tune

    To be honest, we still spend hours playing the game.

  4. 4 The cash register noises while playing 3D Pinball Space Cadet game

    Fighting for that top score.

  5. 5 And the grind of a floppy disk being read

    It took so long to read all 3MB of data.

  6. 6 Spice Girl's Wannabe


  7. 7 The original Nokia ringtone

    Just like Nokia 3310, this tune will last forever.

  8. 8 And the Freinds theme song

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clap clap clap clap*.

  9. 9 Gameboy's signature jingle

    Brb, we just remembered we still have a Gameboy Colour somewhere.

  10. 10 The characteristic sound of a dial up

    That's what we imagine space alien pop sounds like.

  11. 11 The total gibberish that was the Sims talking

    Deg deg. Sul sul. Srekapati? Bwezee!

    Also, remember the amazing piano music from the building mode?

  12. 12 And the scary high-pitches voice of a Furby

    More often than not, waking you up in the middle of the night.

  13. 13 The madness that was Crazy Frog

    Good luck getting that tune out of your head now.

  14. 14 The comforting sound of a Disney jingle

    Disney is life. Ohana means family.

  15. 15 The monotonous beat of an inkjet printer

    It took like five minutes to print one page, but we were all amazed.

  16. 16 As well as the brilliant Windows 95 start up sound

    The sweet sound before every after-school Age of Empires session.

  17. 17 The beginning of Lion King's Circle of Life

    Hakuna Matata, never forget.

  18. 18 Play Station being rebooted

    The best game console, hands down.

  19. 19 And finally, the Leek Spin Song

    Yaa tsi tsup ari dik ari dull an dik ari dill an dits tan dool. You know the drill.

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