13 excellent films and TV shows starring Friends cast members

Could they BE any more talented?

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Friends is the best show in history and we're ready to fight you for it, but it is actually possible to have too much of a good thing. A problem arises if you fancy watching something other than Friends, but can't imagine abandoning the cast.

Luckily, we've compiled this list of other great things Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Ross were or are in. Enjoy!

  1. 1 Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Who? Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe)

    Ten years after their high school graduation, Romy and Michele haven't exactly accomplished everything that they set out to do.

    When they hear of their upcoming high school reunion, they take it as an opportunity to show their classmates how much they've changed - first by trying to reform themselves, then by creating a lie that eventually spins out of control.

    If you still haven't seen this movie, you haven't lived - it's a timeless classic. A film so ridiculously funny and quotable, you won't be able to get it out of your head for days.

    And the dance sequence - oh, wait till you see the dance sequence!

  2. 2 Go On

    Who? Matthew Perry (Chandler)

    After his wife's death, sportscaster Ryan King reluctantly joins a support group, where his lack of interest in healing not only makes therapy interesting but also serves as the breath of fresh air needed to get his fellow group members back on track to health.

    Brilliantly funny and well-cast all around. It's such a shame it got cancelled after just one season. :(

  3. 3 It's Not You, It's Me

    Who? Maggie Wheeler (Janice)

    Serial commitment-phobe, Dave, is reeling from his decision to break up with his near perfect, now ex-girlfriend. As he tries to forget her, his battling inner voices come to life and cloud his mind with conflicting desires.

    This rom-com has exactly what every rom-com should have: a good storyline, well-written characters, and lots of humour with a tiny dose of sad.

    It's also worth checking out just to hear Janice speak in a normal voice.

  4. 4 Cake

    Who? Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)

    After having visions of a member of her support group who killed herself, a woman who also suffers with chronic pain seeks out the widower of the suicide.

    We'd argue this is Aniston's best film to this day. It's so refreshing to see her in a dramatic role, acting her bum off.

    Cake is a highly emotional, darkly funny story that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last minute.

  5. 5 Episodes

    Who? Matt LeBlanc (Joey)

    The show follows Sean and Beverly Lincoln, a British writing couple, who travel to Hollywood to remake their successful show, Lyman's Boys, as an American series.

    It's the perfect blend of American and British sense of humour that The Office couldn't achieve.

    LeBlanc plays an extravagant fictional version of himself and creates excellent situations for the British actors to play off.

  6. 6 Dirt

    Who? Courtney Cox (Monica)

    Lucy Spiller is the editor of a glossy tabloid magazine DirtNow in Los Angeles. Overseeing a crack team of reporters and paparazzi, Lucy and a schizophrenic photographer Don Konkey are able to manipulate the lives of numerous celebrities.

    Cox is the ruthless, story-hungry bitch you'd come to love through the Scream film series. The show has an original, gritty, and hardcore plot. It's definitely much different from Friends!

  7. 7 American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

    Who? David Schwimmer (Ross)

    A crime drama focusing on the The People v. O.J. Simpson murder trial.

    The first season of ACS features outstanding acting across the board: Cuba Gooding Jr., John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, and of course David Schwimmer.

    The writing is so sharp that the dialogue alone builds tremendous tension. The tone of the show is established straight from the beginning and it is crafted to a high quality - the series knows what it's about from the very first minute.

    Say 'Juice' again.

  8. 8 Web Therapy

    Who? Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe)

    After quitting her job in finance under dubious circumstances, the affluent and self-interested Fiona Wallice tries her hand at therapy - offering clients 3-minute sessions over the Internet in hopes of weeding out any unnecessary emotion.

    The thing about a show like this is it takes a certain degree of intelligence to watch. This is a very dry, very biting type of comedy series. And if you ask us, absolutely hilarious.

    It's also worth mentioning it's almost completely improvised - the skits gives a very interesting insight into how comedy geniuses such as Kudrow work.

  9. 9 Love Sick

    Who? Matt LeBlanc (Joey)

    A man tries to prevent his strange psychological condition from affecting his new relationship.

    This movie is unique and unexpected. It's not a usual romantic comedy with the boring clichés. A very interesting plot is superbly delivered by great acting.

  10. 10 We're the Millers

    Who? Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)

    A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

    Although it doesn't look like it, We're The Millers is actually one of the funniest films of the last five years.

    The humour is quite simple and the dialogues are snappy and witty enough to make you laugh out loud all the way through. No ragrets - not even one letter.

  11. 11 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    Who? Matthew Perry (Chandler)

    A sketch-comedy show where humour is in very short supply: one of the executive producers had a meltdown on the air, the control room is a mess, and the actors aren't much better off.

    If you mention this show pretty much around anyone who's seen it already, you're sure to get at least a 20-minute long rant about how it didn't deserve to be cancelled so soon.

    With only one season, this show became an instant classic. Creator Aaron Sorkin treats the world of entertainment just as seriously as he did the world of politics in The West Wing. This show is extremely interesting and intriguing.

  12. 12 November

    Who? Courtney Cox (Monica)

    Sophie Jacobs is going through the most difficult time of her life. Now, she just has to find out if it's real.

    November is an independent film picked to play at the Sundance Film Festival where it won a few awards. It's very low budget and has that heavy 'student film' vibe.

    That being said, the photography is amazing, the soundtrack spectacular, and the acting fantastic. An all around great psychological thriller.

  13. 13 Big Nothing

    Who? David Schwimmer (Ross)

    A frustrated, unemployed teacher joining forces with a scammer and his girlfriend in a blackmailing scheme.

    Simply put, this is a fantastic, fun movie. The dark humour is perfectly balanced and fits snugly in the story without stepping over the line that may insult or even alienate some viewers.

    Overall a highly enjoyable experience!

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