The University Drinking League 2015

Which university drinks the most?

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So, it's that time of year again. Awards season is upon us. We've seen Kanye do a Kanye at the Grammys, Eddie Redmayne start his quest for world domination at the BAFTAs and are now all eagerly awaiting one final bash...

No, not the Oscars, we're talking about the Student Beans University Drinking League - back by popular demand for the first time since 2012.

Back then it was the Irish who lived up to all the tired old stereotypes, with Queen's University Belfast taking home the crown - its students downing an average of 27.3 units per week.

It looks like we've all calmed down a bit since then - the table toppers this year only managing a 'mere' 19.73 units - the equivalent of about 10 pints of lager.

Those winners are... The University of York, who have shaken off the old 'University of Dork' tag to become the booziest students about!

The University of Sussex came in a close second with 18.2 units, followed by Aberystwyth with 16.9. Glasgow and Plymouth were the final two unis to sneak into the top five.

The recommended amount of booze for a man to consumer per week is no more than 21 units, while it is 14 for women. Our survey also found out some quote surprising facts about the differences between guys' and girls' drinking habits at uni.

Where did your uni come? Check out our table of the top 50 to find out...

university drinking league 2015

We quizzed 1,649 UK university students via an online survey, asking all about your drinking habits and attitudes towards alcohol.