The 10 most terrifying things about graduating

Graduating can feel a little bit like stepping into a big black hole of dizzying confusion...


Let's face it, graduating is nerve-shreddingly, I-have-to-change-my-trousers-now scary. But that's OK, everyone feels the same and there IS help at hand.

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Let's take a closer look at the terrifying elements of graduating...

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1. Getting a job

Generally the next step after uni is getting yourself a job, and that’s a bit frightening. No one ever got a job and said “Thank god the days of napping and living with my friends is over, this job stuff is so much more fun. I love how compulsory everything is.”

2. Having to live with your parents again

It may not be forever, but in those few short weeks or months it takes to get a job and find your own place, you'll more than likely have to stay with your parents. And as much as you love them, they're more irritating than your average Apprentice contestant.

They nag. They pick. They suggest alternatives to your clothes, your hair, your choice of breakfast. It’s like a competition to see who can annoy you the most. And they’re both winning.

3. There are suddenly restrictions on partying

As a student you can do basically whatever you want as long as it’s vaguely within the law. You can crowd-surf off statues onto people you’ve just met, and you get high-fives, invites to parties, and talked about as a funny anecdote.

After graduating you get interventions, a written warning from your boss, and possibly an ASBO.

4. Getting a job - revisited

OK, we’ve had a look at this “getting a job” thing and a lot of people are saying it’s tough. Apparently there’s some sort of crisis. So perhaps worry less about the whole “work sucks” thing and perhaps focus on the “I hope I get a chance to think work sucks” thing.

Upside - beer with breakfast suits unemployed graduates just as well as it suits partying students.

5. Having to write a CV

As Brits the only thing we like less than people who cut queues is writing about ourselves. We're a modest nation, and the concept of shamelessly talking about our best qualities makes us squirm.

Not only that, but seeing as you've spent the last 17 years in full time education, you don't have a great deal of stuff to talk about. Try to think outside the box - spent most of your youth on Facebook? You're a social media expert. Organise your friend's birthday? You're experienced in events management. Easy.

6. Who are you going to play pranks on?

Your mum leaves the door to her room unlocked all the time, but if you go in there and sellotape all of her possessions to the ceiling you can bet she won’t see the funny side.

7. You’ll be a grown-up

They spent our whole childhoods telling us to make the most of being young, because being a grown-up stinks. Well, it seems the day is finally here.

Time to be a grown-up. Time to pay tax. Time to tut at stories of Lambrini water balloon fights. Kids today. In my day it was White Lightning water balloons. Those were the days...

8. Getting a job - seriously, they’re talking about it as if it’s like catching a greasy leprechaun

Ok, there is a job crisis. We just Googled it. Who knew? So that’s a bit scary, admittedly. But we’ve thought of another upside - you can always kshhh...oh no...we’re breaking up... kshhh...we’re going into a tunnel... kshhh...

9. Going for interviews

If, by some sort of water-into-wine-sized miracle you manage to get yourself an interview, then you're left with one last terrifying problem. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW.

This is fear on a whole new level. The fact that you have to wear your smartest clothes and actually wash your hair is terrifying enough, so try not to focus on how much the course of your entire life depends on the interview - that tends to make things worse.

Here's the most important piece of interview advice we can give you...

10. You can’t do as many things ironically

It’s a lot harder to pull off an ironic “I bloody LOVE it” once you’ve graduated. At uni there’s a firm, thick line between dancing to Abba ironically, and proclaiming loudly and with moist-eyed sincerity that you are, indeed, the Dancing Queen.

After uni, for whatever reason, if you have a mullet people don’t assume you’re making a brilliantly sarcastic jibe at the culture of tools, they just assume you’re part of it.

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