Student jobs in London

Looking for a job in London? Check out our top tips on finding part-time work in the capital...

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With tuition fees rising as of next year, the worry of on-going debt is something that is constantly at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Getting a part-time job during university can be a good way of easing the financial strain, giving students extra spending money.

Those looking for student jobs in London have access to lots of places where part-time jobs could be an option. Having said that, there is also rather a lot of people in the capital city who are after that very same thing. If you look hard enough however, you may just find the perfect student job in London.

Where to find student jobs in London

Check out our guide to part-time jobs for tips on how to find a part-time job while at uni. As well as using your uni jobshop, asking at the multitude of student union bars in the Big Smoke who are likely to be offering a load of student jobs in London come term time. You should also try handing out your CV to retailers, bars, restaurants, small offices - anyone who will take it.

There are also a few websites that cater specifically for those looking for student jobs in London:

Sign up to and find out about the latest jobs added to the section here (along with great offers and discounts for students!)

e4s Informatively tells US that most student jobs in London offer upwards of £6, which is always nice to hear when you’re used to nothing coming in but your loan. e4s is designed especially for students (it stands for ‘employment for students’) and there’s a great range of vacancies for those based in London.


Take advantage of the targeted ‘Jobs’ search on classifieds site, Gumtree. You can search by region and insert specific keywords to enable you to narrow your search to location and skill. Gumtree started out as a ‘London classified ads and community site’ before going global and so there’s a huge London base on the site.

London Office Jobs

Those after a temporary or contract office job should head to where you can search by area of London, job title and contract type for employment opportunities added daily.