How to blog for The Huffington Post

Calling all aspiring journos! Read on to find out how to blog for The Huffington Post alongside the likes of Ricky Gervais, Kelly Rowland and Tony Blair...


The Huffington Post, one of the UK’s largest news and comment sites is calling out for student bloggers! Aspiring writers and passionate commentators are being offered the opportunity to wax lyrical about everything from student life to celebrity culture and to be published in the site’s hugely popular blogs section. So why not get in touch? You could be in with the chance of blogging alongside the likes of Ed Balls, Noel Gallagher and the founder of the site herself, Arianna Huffington. What a delightfully mixed bunch.

The Huffington Post - affectionately known as HuffPost - is an AOL company which was founded in the US by Arianna Huffington. The site features aggregated and original news content as well as original opinion pieces covering politics, education, business, media, lifestyle, entertainment and loads more. One of the most successful parts of the US site is the Blogs section, which is now home to a massive 19,000 contributors, all of whom write for HuffPost as frequently - or infrequently - as they wish.

Since the UK site launched earlier this year, HuffPost UK have been inundated with people wanting to write for them, following the triumph of the US site’s Blogs feature. But HuffPost UK are specifically asking students to come forward and take advantage of the fantastic platform the site offers for would-be writers. Perhaps you don’t even see yourself as a journo type but are particularly passionate about a certain aspect of student affairs or just want to have your say on something that's getting your goat. Whatever your stance, via HuffPost UK you now have the opportunity to let your voice reach out to a massive audience.

The Huffington Post covers a wide variety of content from music and film to technology and politics and is a totally blank canvas for students to get their name - and opinions - in print. Can you use your uni course material for the basis of your writing? Do you wish to branch away from your normal study topics and comment on current affairs? Do you have specialist knowledge on something that nobody else has yet blogged about? Writing for HuffPost UK is an opportunity just waiting to be seized and this is your chance to get the student voice across to a broad readership.

Bloggers for the site will join the likes of Noel Gallagher, Tony Blair and Kelly Rowland, who have all written personal blog posts alongside established writers for numerous publications, such as Kat Brown (The Times, Empire) and Dave Calhoun (TimeOut).

Whether you’re a hard-working writer looking for an impressive byline in the competitive world of journalism or simply want to have a rant about education cuts or the fact that Craig Colton got booted out of The X Factor, The Huffington Post wants to hear from you. To get in touch, email to pitch your blog post idea to the HuffPost Blog Team. Alternatively, click ‘say it on HuffPost’ from the website's homepage (it's placed in the right hand column, a fair scroll down) and be directed to an online form. Blog posts should ideally be about 500-800 words.

Good luck!

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