11 signs you need to quit your job

Don't let the man grind you down.


Hate is a strong word, but you've had some really vivid fantasies about murdering your boss lately and your Sunday night blues tend to start around 3pm on Wednesday. Sometimes you even catch yourself daydreaming about the sweet release of getting fired (and/or horrific death).

You're not the only one. A 2015 study by Investors in People found that 60% of UK workers are unhappy in their jobs. Considering you spend most of your waking hours at work, that's monumentally crappy. Here are some signs that you should think about giving work the boot.

  1. 1 You're tired ALL THE TIME even when you get enough sleep

    Being unable to make it through to 11am without two cans of Red Bull and six Freddos should be a warning sign. Constant lethargy can be a sign of dissatisfaction with your life and even a symptom of clinical depression.

  2. 2 Your clock watching has reached the next level

    Looking forward to 1pm and 5.30pm isn't unusual but if your entire day is spent counting down the minutes until your next loo trip then, trust us, something ain't right.

  3. 3 The prospect of sharing your concerns with your manager is laughable

    If the idea of talking to your boss about your workload fills you with never-want-to-leave-my-bed-again terror, then this should be a serious warning sign.

    Bosses who care about your well-being are far more likely to get better results from you. A study by the University of Warwick found that happy employees are around 12% more productive, and research from the Institute of Leadership and Management found that being treated fairly by your manager was the most important motivator for 22% of people (even more than pay or how much they enjoyed their work).

  4. 4 Pulling a sickie isn't a last resort anymore

    When you're feeling a bit grotty, turning a cold into flu so you can spend a day watching Scandal and eating macaroni cheese isn't that unusual. But taking sick days can become a coping mechanism, perhaps indicating a deeper dissatisfaction with your job.

  5. 5 The only thing you get from your work is money

    The only things you've learnt from your job are how to make your email snark sound 'professional' and how to make tea really, really slowly. If you're only showing up to pay your rent, you may end up resenting the time you spend in the office.

  6. 6 You resent helping your colleagues when you don't technically have to

    Actually liking your co-workers improves a mundane job immeasurably. But if you fume at the thought of showing Johnny from accounts how to use the photocopier, this may be a sign that either you're working with complete idiots or that your clock in, clock out, mentality has totally taken over. It's time to hand in your notice.

  7. 7 Your Sunday night blues are incapacitating

    We're not just talking getting-up-at-7am-is-a-drag-and-I'm-still-hungover blues but actual pit of your stomach dread.

  8. 8 You dread being asked 'what do you do?'

    You're getting such good vibes from your Tinder date that you start frantically texting your flatmates asking them to pick up the dirty laundry off your bedroom floor. Then your potential bae drops the 'So... What do you do?' bomb and you realise you'd rather go another month without sex than spend even thirty seconds talking about your pitifully boring job.

  9. 9 You resent working even five minutes over your contracted hours

    When you're getting something from your work other than beer money, being separated from Netflix and your microwave lasagne for an extra 20 minutes isn't such a big deal. If you're not, it's debilitating.

  10. 10 You're eating a lot more than you used to

    A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women experiencing "work burnout" were more likely to struggle with "uncontrolled eating". According to the study, burnout is a mix of feeling your work is meaningless, being exhausted, cynicism and losing your "occupational self-respect" because of chronic work stress. Ponder that next time you make a post-lunch visit to the vending machine.

  11. 11 You wouldn't mind taking a pay cut

    ...If it meant working in a job that didn't make you feel quite so awful. Sound like it's time to tell your boss to take their job and shove it.

    Feature image: Warner Bros