7 ways to make Easter in Winchester awesome

Friends gone home already? Fear not! Here's what you can do...

  1. 1 Marathon your favourite TV show on Netflix

    Because...well, why not?

  2. 2 An Easter egg hunt with your friends who haven't abandoned you

    Think outside the box - venture outside, into town, in the grounds of the Cathedral etc. You could even create a treasure map for those involved! This could easily occupy a day or two - totally dependent on how quick your team are at finding the hidden eggs!

  3. 3 A shopping trip

    Southampton, Portsmouth, even London if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. If you’re among the lucky few to receive a big enough loan to comfortably cover your rent then think summer clothes! Clothes shopping is always the best.

  4. 4 Spend a day by yourself and just do whatever you want

    Go for a walk around your favourite parts of Winchester, sit in your garden (if you’ve got one), read a good book, eat some Easter eggs - just do what makes you happy!

  5. 5 Discover somewhere new

    Recently my friends and I discovered Winnall Moors, right at the bottom of town, and spent a day wandering around, looking at the wildlife - if you’re lucky, you might just spot the otters!

  6. 6 Task yourself with making a new meal each week

    Even if you aren’t the worlds most adventurous cook, do not fear, there are plenty of recipes especially for students -- which means they’re super cheap to make and quite easy too!

  7. 7 Try a new activity

    There’s a soft play centre for adults in Portsmouth called Playzone. It even serves alcohol and has a happy hour!