If you were a stubborn child, you're probably gonna be rich

You don't get anywhere by saying 'please', it seems.

Stubbornchild feature

All children can be stubborn, especially if it's a particularly gripping episode of Dora the Explorer, but some children really take things to the extreme. Refusing to listen, doing exactly what they want and not giving a toss about the consequences - sound familiar?

If that describes you as a child, then here's a description of you as an adult: a very successful sonuvabitch. Potentially.


A recent study has shown that stubbornness in children is a strong indicator that these kids will go on to do well for themselves later in life. Researchers tracked 700 children from the age of 12 right up to when they turned 42.

Each participant's personality was assessed at the beginning of the study, with particular character traits like studiousness and conscientiousness noted. Researchers checked in 30 years later to see how the kids turned out.

And wouldn't you know it? The kids who ignored the rules and did their own thing ended up with the biggest salaries. The reasons for this are many and varied, as an article in Time said: "Such children might be more competitive in the classroom, leading to better grades. They might be more demanding as adults; when locked in salary negotiations, they may be the ones who demand more.

"They may be more willing to fight for their own financial interests, even at the risk of annoying friends and colleagues."


Obviously stubbornness alone won't pave the way to a happy life, but if getting ahead is all that matters, then embracing your inner child is the way to go. No one's going to like you, but you'll get a bigger piece of the pie.